My Green Mount Global Global School

Green Mount gives us all, with excellence in deed.

It gives us more than gold, life strong and steady so

we will sing of your Green Mount our mother true

Green Mount we love you No matter what we do, no matter where we row

In Green Mount’s heart we have found An ever lasting home. So we will sing of you

For Virtues inscribed here, love truth and parents

All these we all remember, So we will sing of you

Green Mount we love you


Introduction To GMGS

“A school that will transform  you like no other.”

 Green Mount Global is a day/boarding school located high in the beautiful hills of Kumaoun, in Bhimtal region of Nainital. Green Mount is a place today, one where we are proud to nurture the next generation of global citizens and leaders.More »

Location & Choosing a School

Green Mount Global School is located on a 4 acre plot, on a scenic campus in Bhimtal, about 22 kilometers from the Kashmir of Uttarakhand NAINITAL. It enjoys salubrious climate and a serene environment free from all distractions. It is easily accessible by road from Haldwani, Kathgodam and Nainital.

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Why Green Mount Global School ?

Our school combines a central location with spacious and beautiful grounds, including large lawns and a huge woodland, whilst the ever colourful herbaceous boarders are a major students’ attraction. The school is located in lake city of Bhimtal. The school is close to Nainital, on the way to Almora and Ranikhet.

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Circular & Notice

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